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We are excited to offer high school teachers across the United States the opportunity to cultivate local Computer Science Honor Societies that support thriving environments for computer science students. CSHS encourages secondary students’ enthusiasm for computer science, honors academic excellence, and promotes service. CSTA is proud to have elevated this program, which originated at CodeVA, to the national level. There are currently more than 200 active local chapters.

Core Values

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Equity: A realization that any student has the potential to enroll, grow, and excel in computing.

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Service: Empower members to become ambassadors of the CS discipline, helping underscore its importance as a mainstay in the school and the community.

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Excellence: A commitment to promoting outstanding scholarship in computer science coursework.

Society Support

What does CSTA provide to local CS Honor Societies?

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  • Program management
  • Virtual community for society advisors to share best practices
  • Ability to order standardized, branded program supplies (pins and graduation cords)
  • Advisor toolkit, including:
    • Sample meeting agendas and service project ideas
    • Best practices for equitable recruitment practices 
    • Student recruitment materials
    • Guidance for society operations
  • Recognition of local societies at a national level
  • Live webinars on a variety of topics relevant to society operations

Are you interested in bringing CSHS to your school? Become a CSTA+ member, then apply! Please go to your member dashboard and select “Apply” under the CSHS Application menu.

Starting a Society

Ready to start your society? Follow these steps. To be eligible to start a society in your high school, you must:

  • Submit an application using CSTA’s online form
  • Teach in an accredited high school that offers one or more computer science courses
  • Appoint one or more advisor(s) who can commit to the day-to-day supervisory and administrative responsibilities; advisors must be CSTA+ members
  • Obtain authorization from your school principal to launch a society
  • Commit to following the CSHS Constitution
  • Commit to the core CSHS values of equity, service, and excellence
  • Commit to submitting an annual report summarizing your society’s activities
  • Possess the funds to cover the costs of the program; information about program fees is available here

Program Timeline

  • Spring to Summer: Apply online to charter a new local society.
  • Fall: Recruit members and leaders; hold induction ceremony.
  • Fall/Winter: Plan and execute one or more service projects.
  • Early Spring: Offer one opportunity for hands-on experiential learning with a local community partner; continue or start new service project(s).
  • Mid-Spring: Order cords for graduation.
  • Late Spring: Complete annual report and plan student recruitment activities for the following academic year.


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