presentsChristmas frenzy has already started :::sigh::: For a week or more (!!), which is earlier than ever, shops have piled Christmas decorations and gifts. In this model, where consumerism is pushed always further, we can follow the movement or we can pause and think.

Following the different events we have witness during 2015, it somehow seems that the world is asking for some changes… So why not starting right now? Christmas is a time of giving and caring. We are looking to get our loved ones presents which will please them, we are trying to be a bit nicer than usual. Christmas carols are here to cheer us up. As we are aware that we are making an effort, why not making this one: for once, think different when it comes to Christmas shopping, think small, think local.

Shop in your village and privilege small and/or local businesses. When you do so, you do not feed massive corporations, but you help someone, a family and make their ends meet at the end of the month.
There are so many talented people all around the world. Buying from small businesses is supporting diversity, independent artist, designers, craftsmen, self-care providers and so much more.

If you are not sure where to start and have little time, you can go on Etsy or Not on the High Street, two shopping portals reserved to independent and small businesses.
If you do have time, why not investigating your surroundings, discover (or re-discover) small businesses and gather them for a warm, private Christmas market in your home?


pine trees

But gifts don’t always need to be material, there are so many alternatives here as well. For example, at Woodland Trust, you can dedicated a tree (or more), you can offer some of your time (such as baby sitting or cooking for someone)… You can also offer to someone who is really close to your heart the option of “me time”. There are many independent therapists (like myself) or teachers who offer vouchers, you can offer reflexology or reïki sessions, yoga lessons, massages or any other self care services.

So, if like me, you just love Christmas and Christmas time and look for a more meaningful Christmas, explore your local areas and discover or re-discover the small businesses around you. Please feel free to comment and advertise any small business you know!