Easter is there and the frantic quest for chocolate started already weeks ago… We were not passed Saint Valentine that you could see chocolate filling the supermarket shelves… I will not talk about the commercial side of those events as I think, now, many are aware of it, but I would like to draw your attention on the ingredients of many of those chocolates. Gifting your kids with those, might not be, in the end, a real gift. Most of the chocolates you find on supermarket shelves in shapes of eggs or bunny are loaded with unfriendly ingredients. Starting with refined sugar. You can have 60% of sugar in those confectionery, meaning 60 grams of sugar in 100 grams of chocolate. Do the exercise yourself, with your child(ren), as I did it with my son. Load 60 grams of sugar on a plate and put next to it 100 grams of chocolate eggs… This is a lot of sugar. Then you will have the fat, which will be all but healthy fat. Saturated fat at the best, trans-fat at the worst. The combination of sugar and unhealthy fat lead to a hip of health troubles. And we haven’t even spoke about all the nasty chemicals that you could find as well. There are so many articles on sugar, you can read about it here, here or here, or just google: “side effects of refined sugar”, you could be busy for a couple of hours… This one written by Helen Sanders from Health Ambition There are also been numerous researches on saturated fats and trans fats and none of them came to good conclusions when it comes to health. You can read about trans-fats here, here or here. So while no one wishes to spoil the festive side of Easter and enjoy chocolate, read your labels.

Be conscious, be informed.

Happy Easter.