When changing your diet to embrace the healthy path, you discover and learn about so many diets. Paleo, raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or Atkins or 5:2 to name just a few. What is striking is that  all those diets have their communities and are organized in silos. You cannot be Paleo and claim you love bread. You will be banned from this community and be shamed. You cannot be Vegan and admit you would love some real butter under your vegan jam on your vegan toast. How could you?

I have been at this very place. Where you think YOUR lifestyle is the right one, and others don’t know… When you are so deep in it that you cannot even look over your shoulders. But then, one day you stop and notice that something is not right. That may be you would enjoy some flexibility in your own diet. I am not saying that any of the existing diets are wrong or right, better or worth. What I am saying is why not opening ourselves, why not listening, learning and exchanging with others. Why not practicing some kindness and stop judging people based on what they eat. We don’t need to convert ourselves to our friend/neighbor/colleague diet or agree with them, but we need to stop shaming and excluding others. There is NOTHING healthy in shaming, excluding and not being kind. We can all learn something from others if we allow it, if we open our heart and our mind. May be “the other” is following this specific diet for health reasons, may be just because they heard about it. May be they don’t know what we know and vice-versa, and both could learn and gain some experience. And even if none of this happens, it could just reinforce your convictions that the diet you have chosen is the best one.

And wouldn’t this be already something?