It has been a very, very long time since I have written anything here and I do apologize to all my readers. I hamoving truckve been extremely busy with a major event: we have moved from Luxembourg to the UK! It has been a lot of work (as in the process we also have downsized), rather stressful but we are very, very happy.

We have sold all our belongings: house, cars, a good part of our furniture to make the move easier yet we still had this huge truck. I am proud to report that it was not filled, we have been able to to reduce our possessions to about one third of the truck.

For a long time to cooking has been reduced to its minimum and I unfortunately have not been able to come up with some magical trick on how to manage a healthy lifestyle during such an event…

We have landed in a beautiful village where we have all the facilities within walking distance and this has been life changing. No need to have an exercise schedule: exercise is right there everyday with miles of walking.
The surroundings help to get out.


We are still settling in and trying to establish a routine. It is challenging as our lives have changed so much. My son is partially boarding, my husband is traveling a lot and not two weeks are the same. I will share all my tips along the way.
I started cooking and baking and I have some lovely recipes to share with you. I also have more opportunities to read and I will make sure I share my best books as well.
Thank you to all of you who have kept reading my old posts and kept showing your support on my facebook page.