cookies ingredients

I have been asked regularly where I shop for my groceries.  First I would like to outline that this post in not sponsored and I did not receive any contributions from any of the shops I mention here.

There are many places where I do shop in Luxembourg. Most of my shopping is done in Naturata. When I shop there, whenever possible I buy “Demeter” products (link is included, please take to time to read about their philosophy). This means that my milk (which is not pasteurized), eggs, butter, cream, some of the flours I use are Demeter. I happen to shop also in “Nature et Elements” in Howald, because it is the only place where I find my Kamut flour.  I sometimes shop at the Mullebutz in Bonnevoie, but this is fairly rare, not that I don’t like the shop, but I find the access tricky.

I do sometimes shop either at Cactus or Delhaize if I happen to be close to one of this shop and I need one or the other item. Cactus is from my point of view much better than Delhaize. My grieves about Delhaize is that their organic eggs, for examples, come from chicks kept in crates! It has happen that I shop in Auchan, but this is only when I have absolutely no other options available. Their organic section is terribly expensive and the quality (specially fruits and veggies) is rather low.

If you read “About me” you will see that our journey to better food, better health started more than 10 years ago. Today, our food is about 80 to 85 % organic. We sometimes indulge with treats, but yet, I do read my labels and watch what is in those treats to minimize the chemical intake. 

Feel free to come with any question on the shopping, I will answer the best I can.