You probably have notice that I post less frequently here. It is certainly not because I have run out of inspiration or recipes to share. I enrolled in December 2014 in a set of two holistic nutritional courses: a basic and an advanced one. And I must confess I have set challenging goals for myself: I want to complete one lesson and its assignment per week. I am currently at lesson number 5 (which covers water) and there are 11 lessons in the first course. I found some lessons easier and other rather challenging such as the last one on the digestive system as anatomy is a brand new topic for me.

Those courses will give me a deeper understanding of the relation between our health and the food we eat. We are covering vitamins, minerals,  amino and fatty acids and of course diets. It will also make my researches for my nutrition posts easier as the background will be more rooted.

Feel free to send me a request should you wish to see a specific nutrition post covered.

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